Management Committee

Bettina Bildhauer, Modern Languages
Karin Fierke, International Relations
Patrick Greenough, Philosophy
Katherine Hawley, Philosophy
Simon MacLean, History
Sally Mapstone, Principal and Vice-Chancellor
Catherine O’Leary, Modern Languages

Director: Alison Duncan Kerr, Philosophy
Assistant Director: Camilla Mork Rostvik, Art History
Research Assistant: Isabel Seguí, Film Studies
Social Media Administrator: Jack Bonnamy, International Relations

Coordinator for StAIGS Feminist Reading Group: Camilla Mork Rostvik
Coordinator for StAIGS Internal Speaker Series: Isabel Seguí
Coordinator for StAIGS Feminist Film Series: Ana Maria Sapountzi

Academic Affiliates

Frances Andrews, History
Nathan Bailey, Biology
Derek Ball, Philosophy
Sarah Bennison, Social Anthropology
Bruce Benson, Divinity
Bettina Bildhauer, Modern Languages – German
Boyka Bratanova, Management
Sarah Broadie, Philosophy
Gillian Brown, Psychology & Neuroscience
Jessica Brown, Philosophy
Andrea Burke, Earth & Environmental Sciences
Roberta Cimino, History
Anne Coldiron, English
Lydia Cole, International Relations
Catharine Cross, Psychology & Neuroscience
Tugce Cuhadaroglu, Economics
Ana del Campo, History
Hannah Dean, Management
Melissa Demian, Social Anthropology
Lucy Donaldson, Film
Alex Douglas, Philosophy
Derek Duncan, Modern Languages – Italian
Sarah Easterby-Smith, History
Maggie Ellis, Psychology & Neuroscience
Orhan Elmaz, Arabic and Persian
Adam Etinson, Philosophy
Dave Ferrier, Biology
Kate Ferris, History
Karin Fierke, International Relations
Justine Firnhaber-Baker, History
Paul Flaig, Film
Sarah Frank, History
Aileen Fyfe, History
Mattia Fumanti, Social Anthropology
Andy Gardner, Biology
Katie Garner, English
Paloma Gay y Blasco, Social Anthropology
Caron E. Gentry, International Relations
Maryam Ghorbankarimi, Modern Languages – Persian
Elisabetta Girelli, Film
Tracey Gloster, Biology
Helena Goodwyn, English
Patrick Greenough, Philosophy
Mark Harris, Social Anthropology
Katherine Hawley, Philosophy
Bridget Heal, History
Tristan Henderson, Computer Science
Jon Hesk, Classics
Uta Hinrichs, Computer Science
Nicki Hitchcott, Modern Languages – French
Catherine Hobaiter, Psychology & Neuroscience
Stephen Holmes, Divinity
Sascha Hooker, Biology
Chris Hooley, Physics
Elise Hugueny-Leger, Modern Languages – French
Caroline Humfress, History
Jane Illes, Medicine
Dina Iordanova, Film
Lisa Jones, Philosophy
Katherine Keenan, Geography & Sustainable Development
Alison Duncan Kerr, Philosophy
Alice Konig, Classics
Jason Konig, Classics
Sharon Leahy, Geography & Sustainable Development
Margaret Leighton, Economics
PJ Lennon, Modern Languages – Spanish and CompLit
Sian Lewis, Classics
Alex Long, Classics
Neil Macdonald, Art History
Simon MacLean, History
Sally Mapstone, Principal and Vice-Chancellor
Christa McKirland, Divinity
Jaremey McMullin, International Relations
Emily Michelson, History
Sami Mikhail, Earth & Environmental Sciences
Paula Miles, Psychology & Neuroscience
Laura Mills, International Relations
Malgorzata Maria Mitka, Economics
Tim Mulgan, Philosophy
Margherita Negri, Economics
Madhavi Nevadar, Divinity
Fergus Neville, Psychology & Neuroscience
James Nott, History
Akira O’Connor, Psychology & Neuroscience
Eoin O’Donoghue, Classics
Catherine O’Leary, Modern Languages – Spanish
Stephanie O’Rourke, Art History
Gozde Ozakinci, Medicine
Michail Papathomas, Mathematics & Statistics
Clare Peddie, Biology
Walter Pedriali, Philosophy
Malcolm Petrie, History
Alexia Petsalis-Diomidis, Classics
Gill Plain, English
Julia Prest, Modern Languages – French
Theron Pummer, Philosophy
Aaron Quigley, Computer Science
Natalia Raha, Art History
Nigel Rapport, Social Anthropology
Anindya Raychaudhuri, English
Jen Remnant, Geography & Sustainable Development
Mike Ritchie, Biology
Erin Robbins, Psychology & Neuroscience
Raluca Bianca Roman, Social Anthropology
Claudia Rossignoli, Modern Languages – Italian
Camilla Mork Rostvik, Art History
Kathryn Margaret Rudy, Art History
Ben Sachs, Philosophy
Gurch Sanghera, International Relations
Barbara Sattler, Philosophy
Natasha Saunders, International Relations
Kevin Scharp, Philosophy
Isabel Segui, Film
Susan Sellers, English
Zoë Shacklock, Film
David Shuker, Biology
Tom Smith, Modern Languages – German
Justin Snedegar, Philosophy
Catherine Spencer, Art History
Juliette Summers, Management
Alice Toniolo, Computer Science
Leshu Torchin, Film
Victoria Turner, Modern Languages – French
Elsje van Kessel, Art History
Tanja van Mourik, Chemistry
Mara Van Der Lugt, History
Margarita Vaysman, Modern Languages – Russian
Alexander Voss, Computer Science
Ulrike Weiss, Art History
Adriana Wilde, Computer Science
Ruth Woodfield, Management
Akhila Yechury, History

Postgraduate Student Affiliates

Arantza Asali Infante, Gender Studies
Jack Bonnamy, International Relations
Sohni Chakrabarti, English
Lenna Cumberbatch, Management
Ella Curston, Gender Studies
Marie-Edmee DeMassary, Gender Studies
Siobhan Dooley, English
James Earnshaw, History
Camille Fouche, Philosophy
Amy Illson, Gender Studies
Lara Jost, Philosophy
Maryam Kayani, Gender Studies
Vikita Khetani, International Development Practice
Sarah Leith, History
Aimee Lewis, Gender Studies
Jordan McKay, Gender Studies
María Fernanda Miño Puga, Film Studies
Carlotta Moro, Modern Languages—Italian
Annalisa Muscalo, Gender Studies
Caeleen Saintraint, Gender Studies
Sebastian Stuart Betanzos, Gender Studies
Carolina Alejandra Rocha Santa Maria, Psychology and Neuroscience
Ana Maria Sapountzi, Film Studies
Natalie Sinclair, Biology
Darya Tsymbalyuk, Modern Languages
Emma Cate Whitefield, Psychology and Neuroscience
Caroline McWilliams, History
Janis Wong, Computer Science

Professional Affiliates

Lenna Cumberbatch, Equality and Diversity Awards Officer
Emily Feamster, Academic Policy Officer, Office of the Principal
Avery Hawkins, CAPOD Organisational Development Coordinator, Wellbeing and Engagement Group
Marianne MacKinnon, Deputy Director, Residential and Business Services, Accommodation, Conferences, and Events
Liliana Martins e Caneco, Registry Officer, Academic Registry
Lucie Randal, Senior Administrator, Department of Philosophy

StAIGS is an institute at the University of St Andrews

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